IT Audit & Compliance

Why IT Compliance needed?

If an organization wants to do business in a country where privacy rules are strict or with high confidentiality standard clients, they must play by the rules and bring their security up to the required level such as regulations like HIPAA and SOX and standards like PCI-DSS or ISO: 27001.

IT Compliance is the process of meeting a third party’s requirements for the purpose of digital security with enabling business operations with a particular customer.

Compliance is executed to satisfy external requirements and facilitate business operations. It is driven by business needs rather than technical needs and “done” with the approval of third party. If a business focuses on meeting compliance standards that don’t require these critical functions, they would be leaving the door wide open to attackers.

Additionally, compliance helps organizations to have a standardized security program, as opposed to one where controls may be chosen at the whim of the administrator.

Compliance Audits and Reports:

As an IT organization has wide reach, audit is usually done across numerous departments. The scope of an IT compliance audit identifies the laws and requirements, assesses how specific laws, requirements, or standards are being met, and accordingly it provides recommendations and remedies for non-compliance.

The two major steps are involved in planning of IT audit:

1) To gather information and do some planning
2) To gain an understanding of the existing internal control structure

Compliance reports are required during audits to provide a correlated data that contains evidence of compliance. A balanced scorecard is a method for the measurement of your compliance strategy, whether it is being executed successfully or not.

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